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Our Mission: Focusing on the Why

By focusing on the individual, we are able to give players a tennis experience that will keep them motivated to play all their lives. Our programs are designed to instill a connection with each player so they feel supported throughout their development.

Kids and adults alike, can all learn life lessons through the wonderful sport of tennis. Whether you are training hard to be a top-level player or just starting out, there are many opportunities to use tennis to make us better people.

Our commitment to you is to provide these opportunities and give a solid foundation for your game to continually grow.

You can get tennis instruction anywhere but we pride ourselves on going above and beyond to give you the best experience in tennis that will leave you wanting to come back for more!

I personally welcome you to our tennis programs and cannot wait for another year of building a tennis community we all can be proud of.

Coach Wolfe



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FYI: Here's my book I recently finished about about tennis :)

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    Focusing on the Why