1.  What are the levels that the youth program can provide?

Our staff is not only very friendly and encouraging for beginners, we also have a 5.0 tennis player, multiple high school varsity players and college level players that are all capable of pushing kids to the level they aspire to be.  This means we are capable of offering instruction to any level your child is at!

The programs we offer are based on progress.   Players are grouped by ability and have specific goals to move on to the next, more advanced group.  

2.  What are the ranges of age for the youth program?


We offer programs for kids as young as 4 all the way through high school.  High-level programs incorporate adults to push kids in competitive play.

3.  What locations are the tennis programs?  

Most of the seasonal youth tennis programs are located at Bison Park and the two local high schools (CVHS and DCHS).  

4.  When do the youth programs begin?

We have programs in the spring, summer and fall.  Winter is weather dependent and mostly over the weekend.  Want to be on the email list for these opportunities?  Click here for more info.

5.  How do I get involved with finding adult leagues and players?

Join the Castle Rock Tennis Facebook Page to connect with local tennis players

Join the email list for news and programs we offer


Check out the Adult Captain page for contacts to players in the area.


Email me and I’ll find players to connect you.

6.  What tennis events are held in Castle Rock?  

Check out our calendar for youth and adult tennis tournaments and charity events for the community!  


7. If my child is playing for a couple of years and just turned 12, should he or she play in the high level 12 and under group or the next oldest group using the yellow ball?  

The next division is a pretty big jump especially for kids that are not that tall because of how the ball bounces.  We won't know what division is best for your child until the sign ups are seen so for now sign your child up for the higher level 12 and under and we will look at it in a case by case situation!  

8. When will we know about the times for tennis practices for JTT?   Also, what is the difference between practices for JTT and the high school program?

We can understand how the practice times are important.  Before the season starts the coach of JTT would get ahold of parents and find out a good time that would for for the team.  As far as the high school program vs. JTT, the biggest difference will be the age.  We have varsity and junior varsity levels for the high school programs that are for any player that can start hitting an adult ball successfully.  Until then, JTT is the way to go.  

Contact us if you have questions about Castle Rock Tennis



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