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Tennis has traditionally been a hard sport for parents to get involved with. The complications of all the technique needed to hit back and forth with your child can be daunting. This doesn’t compare to the confusion of watching one of your child’s matches. What does the score mean? When can I cheer? All of these issues have created a rift in connecting parents and kids through tennis.

Douglas County Tennis is committed to changing this for the community of Castle Rock. Not only will you and your child get opportunities to learn this wonderful sport, you as parents will also be given support to help your child improve in the sport. It is our hope that your and your family will build a connection with tennis that will last a lifetime. When I first played tennis in high school, I was able to teach my mom as I was learning myself. Close to 20 years later we are still playing together and trying to improve together. That connection is priceless and DCT wants to provide that to you as well!

How We Will Do It?

Every blog will have a topic that is consistent with the theme of supporting tennis families. We want to encourage this connection through education in how to support your child in tennis. Topics will vary but the focus is always about supporting tennis families. The more you understand the sport, the better you can support your child! Who knows, maybe you will want to pick up a racquet soon as well!

In addition to the blog, we will be offering a weekly video on the same theme described above. Please consider subscribing to our youtube channel that will show some tutorials on this theme.

Thank You!

We are excited to make 2018 an even better year of providing great experiences for your child to enjoy the sport that we love so much! As the saying says, “It takes a village.” We are hoping that you can rally around this and be a big part of our vision of making a true tennis community in Castle Rock.

Here is our first video:

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