How To Get Your Child To Play Tournaments

The natural progression to getting your child to play more tennis is to enter a competitive environment via a tennis tournament. The problem many parents have is finding a tournament that will match their player's level so that they have fun experience to hopefully get them to want to play again. If they do not have a good experience playing, they will most likely quit the sport.

We want to promote the sport by educating parents so they can have a better idea of how to support their child to progressively improve in tennis. Here are some tips that might help:

  • Get your child to play in group lessons and/or private lessons so they have a foundation of how to play the sport.

  • Try to support their willingness to learn by feeding tennis balls for them (see video below) and/or hitting with them when they want to. It's important that they are excited to play rather than thinking of it as a chore.

  • Join a summer program like Junior Team Tennis to promote team and competitive play.

  • Start with a lower level weekend tournament through the USTA.

This natural progression will allow your child to play at a progressively more competitive level without getting discouraged with playing against more experienced players right away. Remember, the key is keeping them excited to want to keep improving! Check out our youth program and tournament page for more information.

Here is a video on how to feed tennis properly to your child ages 4-6:

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