Get Your Child Moving On The Tennis Court

Moving is the most important aspect of a becoming a successful tennis player. Efficient movement on the tennis court allows for your child to be able to compete at his or her highest level and gives them the confidence that they can compete in any sport. It’s crucial to be able to move safely and correctly, while also still catering to the proper mechanics that tennis calls for. But, as you may already know, tennis is a very complex sport to learn so naturally it gets pretty tricky when you start teaching your kids how to move correctly on top of just how to swing the racquet.

Before you watch this weeks video, I want to give you some tips and things to look for with your kids to make sure they are learning the right habits from the start! Once I started coaching youth tennis, it become apparent that movement separated the good from the great. Here are some quick notes for the first half of moving and what I look for as an instructor.

Step into the Ball

When players are able to step into the ball, they are also balanced and in position to do this. By just having players step into the ball the little adjustments before hitting the ball happen naturally. After they strike the ball, I would like to see the back foot rotate around at the end of the shot so they are ready to recover from wherever they ran to.


Getting back to the middle is essential to have success at this sport. When they are moving back to the middle of the court after they hit a ball, be sure to have them facing forward and watching you so they get in the habit of keeping their eyes on their opponent while recovering. They will then be forced to side shuffle back so that they can be ready for whatever side their opponent hits the ball.

By having your child work on these aspects of movement they will definitely improve their chances of hitting more balls over the net and gain confidence on the court.

Here is a brief summary of what was talked about above with this video:

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